Great Lakes Greenhouses is our hydroponic growing operation. We grow, pack, and ship hydroponic cucumbers across Canada and the USA. Our process is something we take pride in. We use state-of-the-art technology to produce the highest quality product.

Look below to see how it’s done!
GLG Produce

1. Lay Down Blocks

A solution of nutrients is mixed and is then poured over the blocks multiple times. The dry blocks start out weighing 62 grams and after we soak them they end up weighing around 700 grams!

GLG Produce Step 1

2. Seeding

We then place a seed in each of these blocks. They stay in the nursery for approximately 24 days.

3. Food Supply

After seeding, we move the blocks to the greenhouse to continue the growth process. Each block is equipped with an individual dripper which releases a nutrient mixture providing the plants with food supply. The food is dissolved in water and then slowly released into the blocks. Food distribution is managed by a computer system ensuring consistent, proper feeding of the plants.

GLG Produce Step 3

4. Harvest

The plants are then ready to harvest. It takes roughly 14-28 days before we can harvest. 14 days in the summer months and 28 days in the winter months.

5. Packing

The cucumbers are immediately transported into the packing area after harvesting where they are graded and packed fresh, daily. Using industry specific software, the product is identified and labeled as it is packed to ensure food safety and traceability measures are in place. The finished product is then stored in a controlled cooler to bring the cucumbers to the ideal temperature range. Our cucumbers are shipped all over Canada and the USA within 24 hours of being harvested to ensure customers and consumers receive the freshest product possible.

GLG Produce Step 5