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Grounded in more than 40 years of knowledge, expertise, and experience Great Lakes Greenhouses is a proven partner. Family-owned and operated, we remain committed to providing safe, trusted, delicious and consistent produce while striving to be at the forefront of innovation and a leader in the greenhouse industry.

A hunger for knowledge, a willingness to experiment, and an emphasis on research and development are led by our founder and permeate the company as a whole. This is why Great Lakes Greenhouses is now the largest grower, shipper, and packer of hydroponic cucumbers in North America. With over six varieties from mini cucumbers to long English cucumbers, we cultivate premium seedless cucumbers that are not only a healthy, nutritious option, but also provide a fresh delicious taste. The same is true of our organic produce items we grow which now includes TOVs, sweet bell peppers, mini purple eggplant, beefsteak tomatoes and cherry on the vine tomatoes.

Our commitment to safe food ensures that 100% of our produce is certified non-GMO and inspired us to expand our offerings of organic produce such as peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants, all of which meet USDA, Organic, Pro-Cert, and ECOCERT standards.

At Great Lakes Greenhouses, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, as well as maintaining excellent food safety standards — our mandate is to produce the healthiest and safest local foods year-round.



Great Lakes Greenhouses is fully committed to develop, grow, pack and thereby distribute safe food products in a highly hygienic environment. To achieve the above, Great Lakes Greenhouses ensures that the management and all personnel is fully dedicated to developing, implementing and continually improving our Food Safety Management System based on local and international applicable standards and codes of practice.

What You Need To Know…

Where does Great Lakes Greenhouses ship to?
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GLG has the capability to ship our product anywhere in North America.

What causes yellowing in cucumbers?
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Yellowing occurs from ethylene exposure. Keep cucumbers away from ethylene producing produce, such as tomatoes, and from ripening rooms.

How large is your farm and how many cucumbers are you able to grow per year?
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GLG is a 118-acre greenhouse farm on one site that produces over 4.9 million dozen cucumbers per year.

What temperature should I store my cucumbers?
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Cucumbers are stored best between 48-52°F, (9-11°C) with optimum humidity of 85 – 95%. High temperatures cause seedless cucumbers to become soft, while cold temperatures will cause them to decay rapidly.

What causes moisture under the plastic wrap?
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This is an indication of water damage and/or chill injury. Seedless cucumbers should not be merchandised under sprayers or misting units as this will cause moisture to build between the seedless cucumber and wrap, which causes very quick decay.

What is the average shelf life of cucumbers?
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12-14 days from harvest or pick date when properly stored.

Are Great Lakes Greenhouses cucumbers GMO free?
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Yes, all cucumbers grown at Great Lakes Greenhouses are Non-GMO.

Does Great Lakes Greenhouses grow cucumbers year-round?
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Yes! Located in the sun-belt of Canada, GLG is able to grow and harvest premium cucumbers 52 weeks a year.

How long does it take for a cucumber plant to be harvested?
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In our peak season, our seedless cucumbers are ready to be picked only 3 weeks after seedlings are planted.