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Great Lakes Greenhouses is the largest grower, packer and shipper of hydroponic, Non-GMO cucumbers in North America. With our 118-acre state-of-the-art facility, we provide year-round production to bring the healthiest, safest, and freshest food right to customers’ plates.

Our emphasis on research and development has improved traditional growing practices and has set the standard for produce in the industry. Growing out of this innovation has brought the capacity to produce more than 60 million cucumbers each year, as well as taking the leap in making the largest investment in an organic program in the greenhouse industry in 2018.

Today, along with our original Cucumber products, customers can also find offerings of Organic Mini Eggplant, Peppers, Beef Tomato, Cherry On The Vine tomatoes and Tomato on the Vine through our addition of 32 acres of organic production.

Cucumber on Vine in Greenhouse
Crunchy, hydrating and great tasting. An endlessly fresh snack with many health benefits.
Our certified Non-GMO cucumbers make for a refreshing and healthy addition to all of your salads, sandwiches, and smoothies.
Organic Bell Peppers on the Vine
Sweet with a burst of colour and nutrients in every bite.
Organic bell peppers are firm in texture and bring a sweet spin to your plate whether used in stir-frys or salads, and they are also excellent for stuffing and roasting.
Eggplant on Vine in Greenhouse
Vibrant, rich and nutrient-packed; a perfect addition to any recipe.
These organic mini eggplants pack a smooth and rich taste, making them a versatile and flavourful ingredient in meals. Favoured as a meat-alternative and gaining popularity in meatless meal options, this flavourful vegetable can be utilized in countless recipes!
Tomatoes on the Vine
Optimised ripening for premium firmness and exceptional taste.
Organic tomatoes when left on the vine can ripen to perfection, making them a vibrant red in profile and sweeter in taste.

How We Grow, Pack & Ship

Small Cucumber Plants

Lay Down Blocks

A solution of nutrients is mixed and is then poured over the blocks multiple times. The dry blocks start out weighing 62 grams and after we soak them they end up weighing around 700 grams!

Cucumber Seeds in Hand


We then place a seed in each of these blocks. They stay in the nursery for approximately 24 days.

Cucumber Greenhouse

Food Supply

After seeding, we move the blocks to the greenhouse to continue the growth process. Each block is equipped with an individual dripper which releases a nutrient mixture providing the plants with food supply. The food is dissolved in water and then slowly released into the blocks. Food distribution is managed by a computer system ensuring consistent, proper feeding of the plants.

Worker in Cucumber Greenhouse


The plants are then ready to harvest. It takes roughly 14-28 days before we can harvest. 14 days in the summer months and 28 days in the winter months.

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The cucumbers are immediately transported into the packing area after harvesting where they are graded and packed fresh, daily. Using industry specific software, the product is identified and labeled as it is packed to ensure food safety and traceability measures are in place. The finished product is then stored in a controlled cooler to bring the cucumbers to the ideal temperature range. Our cucumbers are shipped all over Canada and the USA within 24 hours of being harvested to ensure customers and consumers receive the freshest product possible.