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Organics is all about a food cycle that cares about the environment and people. We have significantly increased our organic cucumber production by adding 28 acres, bringing our total Organics to 32 acres. This makes us the largest Organic grower anywhere. We are confident this will allow us to meet the needs of our customers and satisfy the substantial growth Organics is experiencing. Our Organic production is focused on both seedless and mini cucumbers. Our goal is to provide a certified organic product, without the use of synthetic or artificial chemicals.

Look below to see how it’s done!
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1. Mix Organic
Soil Blend

We add peat moss, compost, organic fertilizer, and beneficial bacteria and insects. We then prepare the beds of soil by steaming to remove any bad bacteria. Finally, we mix the soil by turning it over to get the soil ready for seeding.

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2. Create Pots

We use oversized pots to support the plant through the propagation cycle.

3. Seeding

Seeds are put into the pot of soil. We then provide it adequate temperature of 26°C /78°F. Within 72 hours, a plant will have grown through. We then hang the beneficial insect packets. After 8 days, pots are spaced out to make room for growth. The total duration of the propagation process is around 26 days.

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4. Transplant

We then transplant into the new range. The soil and bed have been prepared ahead of time. A second round of beneficial insects is then added. We attach the sachets to the plant to do so. The sachets are filled with mites which go after bad bugs such as thrips and spider mites. The sachets continue to release beneficial insects for up to 6 weeks.

5. Harvest

3 weeks after planting, we get them ready to ship across Canada and the USA. Every 2 weeks we add extra fertilizer to keep our plants happy!

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